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Why Data Visualization Is Key in Content Marketing Analytics

In this post I’d like to explore why, here at TrenDemon, we believe data visualization, especially in the world of b2b marketing and content marketing analytics, is a powerful component in unlocking the value of data and nurturing growth. In the previous post we discussed the impact of data capital and the importance of collecting and organizing data. ...

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Content Remarketing – Returning Your Visitors Back To The Conversion Path

This post discusses how content remarketing can help you get your visitors to return to the conversion funnel. Content is a journey and one of the biggest challenges B2B brands face is getting abandoned traffic and relevant visitors back on their site and to the right track. What Is Content Remarketing? First things first, what is content remarketing? ...

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What is Content Journey Automation and How Can It Help You Boost Leads

Digital marketers today are collecting and analyzing huge amounts of data in an attempt to connect the dots. One way marketers deal with this overwhelming amount of information is with marketing automation, meaning the ability to carry out actions automatically based on a given set of events. This automation revolution is now starting to penetrate the ...

How Appropriate Linking Can Maximize Your Content Performance

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Maximizing content marketing performance is a function of multiple approaches and strategies. From producing and distributing quality content to drive sales to presenting relevant offers to push leads to convert, there are many different ways to convert leads into actual customers. However, it seems as though this is often easier said than done. With many ...

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A Quick Checklist for a Quality Blog Post

Quick Checklist for a Quality Blog Post

In today’s competitive marketing world where companies are repeatedly striving to have their products or services seen, having an updated blog is already a well-accepted industry norm.
This post lists the main components a quality blog post should have when published. It will lists links to relevant examples from the world of content marketing as well as touch on the importance of not missing certain ‘must-haves’.

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