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Meet Us at Intelligent Content Conference!

The old-fashioned marketing funnel just isn’t cutting it anymore. Join me and Avishai at the Intelligent Content Conference where we’ll discuss how to break the marketing funnel and measure your content in a way that is actionable and addresses the entire user journey. Come see us on March 21st at 12:15pm at the M Hotel ...

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What B2B Content Marketing Looks Like in 2018

It started with a small idea. “Let’s survey B2B Marketers to see what they’re doing with their content right now.” We see 1000s of data points around Content Marketing every day. What’s missing is the marketers themselves. What do they care about? How are they tackling their challenges? So out the survey went. Over 500 ...

How Imperva Discovered That Content Knowledge Is Power

Imperva is a leading provider of enterprise-scale data and application security solutions that enable compliance and protect critical information from criminal activity. Recognized for its world-class technology, at the time of writing this case study, Imperva was the only company to have led Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls for four consecutive years. They’re ...

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Content ROI: Are You Measuring Yours Right?

Online marketers share a struggle. They spend a lot of resources on creating, organizing, and optimizing the effect of content, but often do so in the dark. That’s why, when it comes to measuring the ROI for their efforts, proving the revenue benefits of content is their biggest challenge. Despite this, about 85% of marketers ...

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4 Insider Tips on Really Evaluating Your Content

Investments have been made. People have been hired. Results are expected. We all know that content marketing works. But what indicators tell you that your strategy is paying off? And if it’s not, how can you improve it? After talking to countless companies struggling with measuring 1their content efforts, we came up with a helpful ...

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