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🗞️ The Journey: How to maximize conversion-rates of target accounts into pipeline?

So far we’ve explored the importance and methods for measuring MarTech ROI and Uplift. Now, we’d like to dive deeper on how to maximize conversion rates of target accounts visiting your site into pipeline opportunities. 

Like many things in life and in marketing, the theory is simple enough, but it’s all about the execution. The theory has 3 parts: Segmentation, Identification and Activation. Each of those sections can make or break the effectiveness of the entire process.

Segmentation – Breakdown your ICP

Successful ABMers define many target audiences, lists, segments and groups. This hyper segmentation of their ICP into many sub-groups enables them to build contextualized experiences for every type and stage of their audience’s journey. We see anywhere between 10 to 40 different target audiences defined in our system which enable the marketing team not only to engage them better but also to uncover their true interests – which articles, posts and pages do they read the most? From which specific sources are they coming from? How long are their journeys compared to other audiences? etc.
The main questions to ask when segmenting into audiences can be based on firmographic attribution such as enterprises vs. SMBs, industries, geos or even behavioral signals that can indicate that they belong in a certain group. For example, if they read content or case-studies designed for certain industries, we can use this to bucket them accordingly.

Identification – Gold in Gold Out

After we segmented our audiences to groups, the second part and a key foundation for  successful ABM campaigns is quality data.
About a year ago we started using 6sense data (6signal) to power our activation. That allowed us to witness first hand the importance of integrating high-quality, reverse IP data into our operations. Since we switched from another vendor, we could compare the differences in quality of identification. The results were dramatic, as we will share below. 
Another way to create high quality first party data is with integrations – connecting and aligning your CRM, Marketing Automation and other platforms can allow you to enrich the data with your own customer info.

Activation – Creating contextual experiences across the entire journey

Finally, after we’ve broken down our ICP to audiences/segments, have integrated the data to identify their identity and stage in the buying process, we can now build our activation plan – how we want to engage and educate them. 
Here, the quality of content plays a major role in the success of activation campaigns. We see ABMers execute the first two stages well, but lack sufficient or effective content to  activate buyers. 
Naturally, we’re biased towards activation using personalization, but it’s not the only way to activate visitors. The main point is to consider the experience across the entire journey and not only on the landing page. Think of it like a conversation that needs to continue beyond the Hello [First Name].

Tying it all together – Our playbook to boost conversions of target accounts

Before onboarding any new tech, make sure you have clearly defined target audience segments. Use a quality account-identification system and enrich it with your own 1st party account and customer data. Build tailored content experiences for those audiences. In certain cases, for example when targeting large enterprise accounts, it could make sense to create a dedicated audience for a specific account. A recent ABM survey by Forrester states that 1:1 ABM is resource-intensive and therefore should be used only to target strategic accounts. Now that you have the basic framework in place, begin the real work of continuous testing and optimization. Regularly measure the impact of your campaigns and content on target audiences.

6sense Data powering Trendemon’s Orchestration – a Proven Game Changer

Our website orchestration platform is designed to deliver personalized messages to the right visitor at the right time. But who is the right visitor and how can you identify him when he lands on your website? 
In the beginning of this year we’ve incorporated 6sense data into Trendemon’s platform powering our customers with more targeting options: The technology by 6sense identifies accounts visiting the website, and provides additional firmographic data like account industry, revenue, size and more. Our customers use these account-based attributes to build targeted website audiences and orchestrate their journeys. These personalized, contextual experiences empower buyers and have a major impact on website conversion rates as well as lead quality.
Trendemon, powered by 6sense account-based data, enables our customers to:  
→ Build autonomous, account-based orchestrations, which serve the most effective content to every visitor at the right stage
→ Activate anonymous visitors from target accounts and lists with content and calls-to-action
→ Uncover how target accounts actually engage with the website

The results

Below are some examples of uplift our customers have achieved by activating the above personalization playbook for target accounts:
Engagement uplift:
4X uplift in pageviews per target account – each account that lands on the website visits 5.4 pages on average. Target accounts consume 4X more pages with an average of 21.7 pages per account.  
Conversion uplift:
3.7X uplift from anonymous to lead – out of all the accounts visiting the website only 5% have at least one known contact. With target accounts we see an increase of 3.7X with 18% of target accounts leaving their contact info.
→ When comparing optimized personalized journeys to non-optimized ones: 5-18X uplift in conversion rates of anonymous visitors into pipeline opportunities.
→ An average of 30% in total sales opportunities from the website, with some customers showing up to 70% more sales opportunities.

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