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Introducing TrenDemon Navigator: Transforming Content Marketing Analytics into Actions

I was running late for my next meeting.

I rushed to the car- a rental I picked up at the airport – and starting looking frantically for the sat nav. This was a few years before Waze and Google Maps when digital navigation was just starting out. I launched the maps app from the display panel and typed in the address. A marker showed me the locations on a detailed street map of the area. I spent a few more minutes looking for the turn-by-turn navigation function to no avail. I called the rental agency and found out that the feature wasn’t available but was planned for some future release. Basically, I was looking at a glorified digital map. Eventually, after a lot of stress and a few wrong turns, I finally reached my destination.

Directions, Not Maps
That annoying experience has helped shape the way we look at our content marketing analytics product and how we’d like our users to interact with it. Despite incredible leaps in AI and marketing attribution (amongst other things) most analytics platforms still see themselves as maps: Layers of data that overwhelm their users with torrents of information, statistics, and KPIs but lack a critical function: A sense of direction.

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of marketers. In the beginning, when data about user behavior was still scarce, there was a natural curiosity to see everything. What every user did, where they went, clicked, scrolled and so forth. Over time, it became clear that although this may be captivating to watch, it is not very useful as a tool to support decision making. What we’ve learned is that even the savviest of marketers want something beyond data: Answers. Clear, simple guides to help direct their content operations in the right direction.

Introducing Navigator

TrenDemon’s Content Marketing Navigator

A few weeks ago we launched the first in a line of tools that will help us achieve that vision: The beta version of TrenDemon’s Navigator, a turn-by-turn navigation system for content marketers. Navigator is a recommendation engine that tells you what content pieces are the most effective for each stage of your funnel, taking the guesswork out of your content promotion and distribution efforts. It is the result of many months of work, hand-in-hand with our customers, ensuring that the recommendations we present yield the desired uplift in results.

One of the unique attributes of content is that it affects user behavior differently depending on where they encounter it during their journey. This means that a certain article or post can perform well when it is one of the first pieces the user reads, but have poor results when it is consumed later in the journey. This makes content marketing measurement more challenging since instead of having just a single performance metric for every page and every goal, you also need to take its optimal position in the journey into account.
What Navigator does is to simply organize the best content items for every goal. This gives marketers a clear recommendation on which items should be promoted (or look-alikes created) for each stage of the journey. To make Navigator even easier to use, we’ve connected it with the main social and content distribution channels. Simply select the items you’d like to promote and the channels you’d like to promote them on, and you’re good to go.

Just the Beginning
We’re very excited about this new tool, and not just because of the promising results marketers who use it are already seeing. We are excited about Navigator because it embodies a fundamental part of our mission – to serve as a practical, useful, and actionable solution for every member of your marketing team. The release of Navigator is just the beginning. We will continue to improve an evolve it as we see more marketers’ results. But most importantly: This is just the first step in our mission – to transform content marketing analytics with clear actionable insights. Going beyond the map, and guiding you at every turn.