Payoneer increased Blog's conversion rates by 145%

About Payoneer

Payoneer empowers millions of businesses and global commerce in more than 200 countries by connecting them with its innovative payment platform. It enables customers to reach new audiences by facilitating seamless cross-border payments.


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"Trendemon has become one of our favorite tools for content marketing insights and automation. Through features such as content slider and exit intent, we are able to guide visitors to engage further with us by targeting them with personalized messages and offers, so each user only receives the content that interests them"
Jonny Steel
VP Marketing @ Payoneer

The Challenge

Content marketing is an important part of Payoneer’s overall marketing strategy. The company’s multilingual Blog with millions of monthly visitors is at the center of its ongoing dialog with customers worldwide.

How can Payoneer leverage their effective Blog posts to maximize business goals and increase content’s ROI?

How can they gain a better understanding of their content performance across multiple languages, business goals and assets?

The Playbook

Easy setup:

– Embed a single line of code on the pages you like to use Trendemon on.

– Configure business goals you’d like Trendemon to track, map and optimize.

– Activate personalized units (content recommendations, forms and calls-to-action) to boost website engagement and conversion rates.

– (Optional) Integrate your marketing automation software to seamlessly work with Trendemon.


Automated optimization:

Once Payoneer defined the business goals they wish to improve, Trendemon’s automated optimization process kicked in – serving personalized, performance-driven content recommendations and calls to actions.

The Impact

Within days the Blog’s conversion rates were starting to climb, and after only a few short weeks, the conversion rates from the same traffic and content have more than doubled! Blog’s conversion rates ultimately increased by 145%.


Trendemon helps Payoneer identify the most effective Blog content, their top performing traffic sources and optimal conversion paths. These insights enables Payoneer to make better decisions regarding which content to create next and how to improve assets, saving valuable resources and maximizing content marketing’s ROI.

Personalize Effortlessly

See how Trendemon can increase conversion of anonymous target visitors to pipeline opportunities without requiring developers, designers or data scientists.