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B2B Marketers, Stop Wasting Your Data Capital

Big data in content marketing

Marketers, you are sitting on a goldmine yet most of it is turning to rubbish. In this post I would like to discuss why marketers have to be mindful about what they do with their data, what is Data Capital, how to use it effectively and what are the main challenges they are facing. I would also ...

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Top 3 Marketing Analytics Tips

top 3 marketing analytics

Investments in marketing, particularly content, are set to increase. But if marketers don’t know if their efforts are boosting the bottom line, then what’s the point? Marketing analytics enable a marketer to gauge the success of strategy and its components as paths to eventual conversion. When marketing analytics show that a tactic isn’t working, change ...

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Marketing differentiation: 3 Essential Steps to Make Your Product Stand Out

Marketing differentiation

Marketing differentiation is an old concept that an enterprise must adapt to the Internet age if it wants to survive. For brick-and-mortar companies, differentiation strategies can take months or years to implement. But for online companies, such strategies can happen simply by changing some code. This is not necessarily an advantage, because competitors can match ...

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Top 4 Content Marketing Trends in 2017

content marketing trends

On the Internet, if you want to get your brand into people’s minds, you need to get them to come to you. A company must, therefore, have a website that is easy to use and content that serves whatever the user wants to accomplish. In other words, “content” is no longer just about your product. It is ...

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5 Great Tips & Tricks for Mastering Content Marketing

content marketing tips tricks

Welcome to a new five-part series about the four vital factors in running a successful content marketing campaign. We’ll be covering tips, tools, and best practices, from the first step of the user journey all the way to reaching your conversion goals. What Your Content Marketing May Be Missing A growing majority of marketers feel ...

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Introducing TrenDemon’s New Content Marketing Attribution Dashboard

New dashboard

We, at TrenDemon, are obsessed with transforming complex data into clear, delightful and visual insights. This is why over the past months we’ve been working hard to redesign our content marketing attribution dashboard. As a solution for the overwhelmed marketer, we go to great lengths to make our software as automated, simple and proactive as ...

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