Account-Based *Content* Marketing

Account-Based *Content* Marketing – Talking to the right crowd at the right time ABM is a buzzword in marketing these days. However, marketing teams might be surprised to find that this is not a new concept to the Sales Teams they work with. Sales have always had their eyes on target accounts, unlike marketers who ...

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Why Is Content So Hard to Measure?

A couple of months ago we conducted a survey of marketers to understand more about their needs and strategies. A whopping 79% of the hundreds we surveyed said that they thought that it was hard to truly measure the impact of content. 79%. So we know it’s hard (heck, that’s why our product exists), but how ...

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Why Google Chose to Shoot Itself in the Foot

Have you noticed a change in your online browsing experience in the last week or so? If you’re using Google Chrome, that could be your user experience improving by a mile. Last week, Google released an ad blocker native to Chrome. Considering that ad revenue is almost 90% of Google’s revenue, this move may seem ...

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