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Could your Personal Data be your Future Currency?

In almost every conversation we are having with a major brand, the topic of privacy and the handling of private users’ data is discussed. Of course, GDPR was the main trigger for these discussions. But today, now that the initial shockwaves have subsided a bit, it’s a good time to take a deeper look into ...

Outbrain Proves and Improves Value for Clients

Outbrain is a native advertising platform that helps advertisers get their content discovered through recommendation units on publishers’ websites. More than 35,000 websites carry Outbrain’s promoted articles, while the company delivers more than 275 billion recommendations and one billion users each month. Our partnership with Outbrain started a little over a year ago with a ...

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Reflecting on Growth – 4 Lessons Learned

It always starts with a seed of an idea. Nurtured and cared for, with thoughtfulness and an eye toward innovation. Sometimes growth is hindered.  You learn from mistakes and evolve. Pivot when necessary, and start growing anew. Here at TrenDemon it started with a concrete problem: Marketers don’t have a way to effectively measure and ...

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