Trendemon success stories

Proving and Improving Value for Customers

Visibility into the entire user journey allowed Outbrain to understand the impact of specific content pieces for every stage of the funnel, and to promote content in a way that aligns with those stages.

By turning TrenDemon’s insights into actions, the team at Outbrain now had concrete data about the type of content that led to engagement, as well as the best sequence of content to ensure conversions. This cemented the value of investing in them as a source over time.

"TrenDemon enabled us to get the information that gives brands a clear picture of our value as a traffic source, and helps them understand what they need to do next to improve even more."

Hiroshi Shimase, Managing Director, Outbrain Japan K.K.

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Discovering That Content Knowledge is Power

TrenDemon enabled Imperva to analyze visitor interaction with content on their blog and other content assets, so they could track and speed up their journey to becoming customers.

The benefits were almost immediate. Within one month, Imperva experienced an additional 4,000 page views, and after 60 days, there were more than 1,000 new monthly collateral downloads. As a happy surprise, they also saw a significant increase in revenue.

“Having persistent visibility into different touchpoints, and knowing which users are more likely to convert later on, is extremely valuable to us.”

Igal Zeifman, Director of Marketing at Imperva

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Boosting Blog Performance with Actionable Insights

Sapiens is continuously looking to get new and higher qualified leads and to nurture existing customers and leads through user engagement. With TrenDemon, they are able to boost sign ups through real-time personalization as well as gain a deeper look into how their content contributes to their business goals.

"We value TrenDemon and work with it on an almost daily basis. This tool enables us to achieve better customer engagement in offering our website visitors specific, relevant content. The platform is fairly easy to manage and update, and most importantly, it directly communicates with our business goals."

Yaffa Cohen-Ifrah, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Corporate Communications, Sapiens

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Supercharging Marketo with TrenDemon

TrenDemon’s Marketo integration allows Panaya to guide prospects further down the funnel with automated predictive content recommendations and personalized call-to-actions based on their position in the journey. In practice, this translates to a significant increase in high quality leads. Also, Panaya uses TrenDemon’s journey insights to better understand and convert leads to sales, helping improve the bottom line.

"Capturing all our website leads to Marketo helps us to know from what page the visitor converted, what content was he interested in and how we can improve our lead-to-sale funnel to continue our nurturing process with better results and accelerate our ROI"

Dekel Wiesman, Director of Online Marketing

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Automatically Increasing Community Signups


By using TrenDemon’s Content Optimization, we helped to maximize conversions by automatically recommending best performing articles and by behavioral Call-To-Actions we have boosted conversions by capturing visitors that were about to leave their website. Above all that TrenDemon provides an in depth analytics that identifies the most effective sources and content articles that helped converting visitors.

“TrenDemon has become one of our favorite tools for content marketing insights and automation. Through features such as content slider and exit intent, we are able to guide visitors to engage further with us by targeting them with personalized messages and offers.”

Jonny Steel - VP Marketing at Payoneer

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More Quality Leads From the Same Traffic

TrenDemon’s integration with Silverpop enables Panorama Necto to easily  insert new leads directly to a designated list. By providing full tracking on each and every visitor and creating  CTA’s for different visitors and goals and on multiple locations on their domain we improved their ROI significantly.

"We chose TrenDemon because it's a robust platform that combines content journey analytics and automated engagement tools which help us get to the next level with our customers. The reality is that TrenDemon surpassed our expectations, increasing conversion rates by more than 37%!"

Jacques Botbol - Marketing Director at Panorama Necto

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Tracking Doesn’t Stop At Free Trials

White Smoke uses TrenDemon optimization units for converting users to start a free trial and converting them again free trials to become paying customers. TrenDemon journey analytics enables White Smoke to measure and analyze what are the best sources that brings eventually the best sales and evaluate the CPA for each visitor.

"TrenDemon is helping us automatically increase online sales from our existing content assets & traffic"

Amit Greener, CMO at WhiteSmoke

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